To Ice-Water Or Not To Ice-Water? That Is the Question

“Stop complaining about your life. There are literally orchids with ice cubes on them.” This is what planty_hoes and other Instablogs together with a number of horticulturalists say about ice-watering orchids. These flowers are massively popular among plant fanciers. And it’s not surprising at all. Their glossy leaves and uniquely shaped eye-catching flowers make them houseplant-lovers’ all-time favorites. However, these beauties have gained a reputation of capricious little ladies and are thought to be a nightmare to look after. This reputation has led to people making up thousands of ways to simplify their life, such as watering orchids with ice cubes.

To Ice-Water Or Not To Ice-Water? That Is the Question

The truth is that, being prone to root rot, this plant does require some additional attention, but don’t panic, don’t exaggerate, and don’t overcomplicate the issue. Otherwise, your plant will not survive even a month. And please (I beg you!) abstain from putting ice cubes in your orchid’s pot. Here’s why it’s better to forget about ice cubes whatsoever.

Want a healthy watering regime? They won’t help

Orchids hate water stagnation, indeed. But in their natural habitat, they grow in humid conditions that cannot be created with several ice cubes.

They don’t kill bacteria

Contrary to established opinion, ice cubes don’t prevent fungal infection and other bacteria-borne diseases. Orchids catch diseases not from water, but from other plants. So, ice cubes are not very useful in dealing with infections.

They can damage your plant

Orchids were born in Southeastern Asia, so they are used to high temperatures. They probably last saw ice in the Ice Age. Extreme temperatures may cause harm to their roots and other parts and lead to irreversible consequences.

What should we do then? The answer is quite simple. Drain your plant well and wait until it dries out before watering it again. What is the best way to check it? Lift the pot to see whether it’s light enough, stick your finger into the soil, or insert a sharpened pencil into the pot. The pot is super light, your finger doesn’t feel moisture, and the pencil has come out darkened? It’s high time you water your orchid! Don’t be scared. With enough love and attention, you will undoubtedly be able to grow a stunning flower. Just ignore meaningless Internet advice.