These Plants Will Make Your Living Room Stand Out

From time to time, all of us get tired of the place we live. To brighten it up, it may be a good idea to revamp the interior with something unique-looking and eye-catching. We don’t always have a chance to buy a new piece of furniture or repaint the walls. What we can do is get a vivid outstanding plant that will bring up zillions of questions you’ll be bombarded with by your friends.

These Plants Will Make Your Living Room Stand Out

Senecio rowleyanus

Senecio rowleyanus is a succulent plant that looks like a string of green pearls on long trailing stems. This handsome fast-growing plant is perfect for hanging pots and will add a little quirt to any room.

Oxalis triangularis

Oxalis triangularis is the best choice for those who are into bright colors and have the greenest of fingers. It has great-looking purple leaves that resemble fluttering butterflies.

Pilea peperomioides

Pilea peperomioides, or the Chinese money plant, has recently become such a popular plant that nurseries can’t meet the demand. It adds to the allure of this beauty, which has leaves that bear strong resemblance to flat pancakes.

Begonia maculata

Begonia maculata reminds of a canvas with white paint splattered all over it. It will certainly draw your guests’ attention and become a nice topic to warm your conversation up.

Asplenium nidus

This alien of a plant will be the best addition to your interior if you are looking for a vibrant-colored splotch. It also has a unique appearance with long ripple-edge fronds, which makes it a wonderful accessory for any house.

So, if you are bored, start with the smallest things – and your house will play out in fresh colors!