Plants You Never Thought You Could Eat

If you have always wanted to vary your diet, our list of unusual edible plants will give you some thoughts. Be careful, though. Before eating a plant, make sure it is not poisonous (always identify a plant first). So, here is the list of plants you can add to your meal to enrich it with new flavors.

Plants You Never Thought You Could Eat


While some may be pushed back by the bitter chicory taste, others will be happy to feast on this plant’s vitamin- and fiber-rich leaves and stems.

Pinyon pine

You have lost yourself in the forest without any food to snack on? Look around. This will probably surprise you, but the pinyon pine is the plant that can save your life with its edible seeds, needles, and bark. Extract seeds from dry, open pine cones, fry this plant’s inner bark, and boil its needles – and you will have a nutrient-rich three-course meal.


This plant looks like a hotdog with fur. Does it taste like one? Not at all. But it shouldn’t prevent you from tasting peeled cattail’s stalk. It may be bland or even bitter, so try boiling it and adding your favorite spices.


The glasswort is generally harvested in winter, and its green tips are used as an addition to salads or vegetable stews. This plant’s salty taste is similar to that of pickles, which gave the glasswort another common name – pickleweed.

Creeping Charlie

The invasive creeping charlie, if not weeded, will leave no room for other plants to thrive in your garden. But don’t get rid of it completely: it may prove useful in cooking delicious salads, soups, stews, or omelets.

This is, of course, not the full list of plants that may help you break the uniformity of your diet. But it lays a good foundation for your exploration of your garden’s cooking potential.