Improve Your Gardening Skills with These Hacks

All of us have our own salad days, when we are at the very beginning of our gardening way, completely lost and a tiny bit scared. But you reap what you sow. And no matter how brown your fingers are today, there’s always a chance to get better. Look through some hacks that will help you grasp the nettle.

Improve Your Gardening Skills with These Hacks

Make use of extra chopsticks

You love Chinese food and have some many chopsticks in your kitchen drawer that they seem to be driving you out of your apartment? You can use them to tie your plants up, thus boosting their growth. Just stick a chopstick into the soil and attach your plant’s drooping stem to it with string or cord.

Look closely at eggshells!

Eggshells can become your gardening life-saver. You can add them to the soil to balance the pH level. You can carefully crack them and start seedlings inside. You can use calcium-rich hard-boiled egg water to water your plants. In any case, eggshells will be highly beneficial for your green friends.

Going on a vacation? Don’t let your plants die.

If you are going on a vacation with everyone who could look after your plants, keep your head up! Water-wicking is one of the most effective ways to keep your plant moist. All you have to do is stick one end of cotton rope into the soil and leave the other end hanging down to the bottom of a water tank. Your beauty will not even notice that you are away.

Love coffee? You plants may love it too!

Used coffee grounds can increase the soil’s acidity, which is good for plants that prefer a lower pH, such as azaleas, blueberries, and maidenhair ferns. Coffee also scares away some pests, thus improving your plant’s health.

Use these hacks to make your plants feel more comfortable, but remember that only time and effort can turn you into a professional gardener.