Botanical Art: Great Works To Leave You Inspired

Using living organisms to create artworks has always stirred up fierce controversy. Anyway, whether justified or not, it shows the world the beauty of our green friends and conveys deep messages that provoke profound thought and arise fundamental questions. We have collected a number of highly artistic works that, hopefully, will not leave you indifferent.

Botanical Art: Great Works To Leave You Inspired

Philodendron Xanad

This is a repeating installation by Belgian artist Ruben Bellinkx. It features plants that stand by the wall and look like they pierce it with their leaves.

Sprouting Rugs

This work belongs to Martin Roth, a New-York based artist. He took several Persian rugs and sowed grass under them. The grass was sprouting throughout the show before eventually dying.

Life and death of botanicals

Azuma Makoto’s idea was to show life and decay of living organisms. He did that by creating a series of works with plants as their main characters. One of them displayed stunning bouquets inside acrylic boxes and gave spectators the opportunity to look at slow flower decay.

Square flowers and leaves

Another artist, Baku Maeda, wanted to show sharp contrast between geometrical and natural shapes. So, he started doing haircuts on flowers and leaves and taking pictures of them, creating two series of works – “Bit Flowers” and “Bit Leaves”.

To sum up, not only are plants valuable for the visual pleasure they give, medicinal properties they hold, and practical uses they have. They can also inspire artistic deeds and express people’s deepest feelings and thoughts, thus helping us rethink the global reality and maybe even make a difference.