2020 Houseplant Trends. How To Make Your House Stylish?

This year has brought about a number of unexpected events, which have dramatically changed the way we live. These changes have affected not only our daily routine, but also all other aspects of life, such as hobbies and interests. Most city-dwellers can’t imagine their lives without their green friends. Every year, plant shops suck in millions of plant-lovers and pump bags of cash from them. Like any other huge business, the plant industry is guided by the rules and trends that are established every year on the basis of global developments. Here are some of the main plant trends that will help you understand how to be in style when it comes to houseplants.

2020 Houseplant Trends. How To Make Your House Stylish?

Go for bright colors

Modern minimalistic interiors require splashes of color to liven them up. So, if you can’t decide what plant to choose to adorn your white-walled living room, consider getting a Maranta or a Tradescantia, which will look spectacular wherever you need a pop of color.

Blue is the new black

Classic blue was named the 2020 Pantone color of the year. Take this into account when choosing a new green friend. Blue-undertoned plants, such as Agave or Yucca, will work a miracle and make all your friends turn green with envy.

Low-maintenance solutions for the fast-paced world

Despite COVID-related slowdown, our life is increasing its pace. We should keep up with it every day, which sometimes makes looking after plants a tough challenge to meet. So, before getting a new beauty, ask yourself – do I have enough free time to keep my plant alive? If your answer is no, but you still can’t abandon the idea of turning your house into a jungle, go for low-maintenance plants, like cacti or succulents. They will both be easy to look after and a pleasure to look at.

These are the rules that should be respected, but not necessarily followed. The main reason for you to get a plant should always be you having a crush on it. Follow your heart – and your home garden will boggle your guests’ imagination.