How to Identify Dog Breed?

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If you get your dog from a trusted breeder, you won’t find this article useful. However, if you adopted your doggo from a shelter, these methods of dog identification may come in handy, especially if you can’t say right away that it is definitely a Husky or a Golden Retriever. Here are four methods you can use to learn this for sure, well, 95% sure.

1. Physical Traits Evaluation

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The simplest and the least accurate method of deciphering your dog’s breed is to have a close look at your pup. Physical appearances can be misleading due to how dogs inherit their traits. Besides, such an approach also requires a certain degree of knowledge about peculiarities of different breeds, which takes time and research if you’re not a dog specialist.

Nevertheless, you can still try this method out. Look at your dog and take notes of his most prominent physical features. Here is a short list of what you need to pay attention to in the first place:

  • Head and muzzle — their length and shape;
  • Ears — their shape and carriage;
  • Tail — short, long, or naturally bobbed;
  • Overall size and body build;
  • Coat texture, color, length, and pattern.

Though this method is real fun, it is far from being accurate and can only serve as guesswork. There are other ways; let’s get on to the next one.

2. Browse Breeds

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You can use a professional dog-related website to get more information about your pup. For instance, can serve as a good dog breed identifier by picture — it has a photo of every breed as well as exhaustive information about all possible breeds.  

Yet again, you can not rely on this resource 100%. While there are many breeds and plenty of photos, if your dog is a half-breed, you won’t get any straight answer.

3. Ask Your Vet

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Another dog identification method you can try is asking your vet. Surely enough, not every vet is a doggy expert and a specialist in breeds. However, since they have more experience with different dogs, they may provide you with some insights on what breed your dog may be and what he is definitely not. 

5. Take a DNA Test

One of the most accurate methods of dog breed recognition is a dog DNA test. These tests differ in price and quality, depending on how many breeds there are in a laboratory database. The more extensive the database, the more expensive the test is. The process of testing is simple. You just take a cheek swab from your doggy and send it to a lab. There, it is compared to the samples they have in the database to find the ones that demonstrate the best match. 

6. Use a Dog Breed Identifier App

If DNA testing is a little bit too much for you, there is a more affordable way to learn about your pup’s breed — by using a dog breed identifier app. We can’t promise that this method will help you out 100%, especially if your dog is not a pure breed. However, if you use an app with an extensive database, your chances of getting the right match are quite high. You can try NatureID, for instance — it has more than 400 dog breeds in its database — more than any other identification app can offer. You just take a picture of your doggy and get a result in a moment.
Any other online dog breed identifier is similar to NatureID; you can try several apps and compare the results. All in all, the more methods you use, the more accurate results you will get. Good luck in your quest to figure out your pup’s breed!