How to Identify Cat Breed?

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Have you ever wondered how to distinguish one cat breed from another? While telling a Sphynx apart from a Ragdoll is a piece of cake, differentiating between Korat and Russian blue is a bit more challenging. That’s why we have gathered a list of methods that’ll help you on your cat breed identification journey: 

Cat Breed Identification by Coat 


cat breed identification

One of the tell-tale signs of a cat’s breed is the length of their coat. If your cat is a mixed-breed, they can be identified as DSH, DMH, or DLH. What do these abbreviations mean? DSH stands for domestic shorthair – it’s the most widespread breed in the world, making up 95% of all cats of the U.S. alone. DMH, or domestic medium hair, are usually recognized by their double coat. DLH – domestic longhair – tend to be larger in size than cats with short and medium hair. They have long, majestic, fluffy fur meant to protect these kitties from harsh weather. 



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Some breeds can be easily recognized by their iconic coloring. Take Calico cat, for instance. Once you see the combination of white, black, and yellow your inner cat breed detector will instantly tell you – yeah, that’s the Calico cat! 


This bicolor cat has iconic black and white fur. Remember Mistoffelees from Andrew Lloyd Weber’s Broadway hit Cats: the musical? Well, he is the prime example of a tuxedo cat! Because of their solid black fur covered with white markings on their paws, bellies, chests, and faces, these kitties look like they’ve been invited to a black-tie party. 


Color pointed cats are easy to recognize by darker accents on their paws, ears, tails, and faces. Cat breeds of this coloring tend to have light bodies and high levels of energy. Take the Siamese as an example! Breeders distinguish several main point colors: seal, cream, red, blue, and lilac. 



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Tabby cats usually come in a pair of colors and have a distinct tabby pattern. The most common colors include gray-blue, silver-red, chocolate, red-silver, and cream. While Superman is recognized by the letter “S” on his chest, Tabby cats are identified by a distinctive “M” on their forehead. It’s also important to know that there are several types of tabby patterns: spotted, mackerel, classic and ticked tabby. 


You won’t need top-notch cat identification skills to find a tortie among other cats. The tortoiseshell pattern is a mix of black and orange, almost exclusively found in female cats. Torties who have won the genetic lottery and have both the tortoiseshell and tabby pattern are called “torbies.”
If you’ve successfully read the article up to this point, congratulations – you’re a kitty expert now! If you don’t want to spend hours trying to tell one cat from another, you can always count on the best cat breed identifier app on the market – Nature ID!